Mortgage Protection Insurance

Protect your most valuable asset .. your home !

If you’re like most Americans, your home is the largest purchase you have ever made and your mortgage payment is your greatest monthly expense.

Imagine what would happen if the primary provider in your household suddenly lost his/her source of income and was unable to make the monthly mortgage payments? Your biggest fears could soon become a reality. You could ultimately lose what you’ve worked so hard to acquire ..

What if you were suddenly faced unforeseen medical bills ?

What if you were diagnosed with cancer or recovering from a heart attack and couldn’t keep up with your mortgage payments? What if you or your spouse passed away unexpectedly, leaving the other to take on the mortgage payments? What would you do?

What exactly is a mortgage protection plan ?

A Mortgage Protection Plan is the smartest, most efficient way to safeguard your most important assets. These plans are designed to pay off the balance of the mortgage should the policyholder pass away within the coverage period (typically 30 years, to cover a 30-year mortgage).

Our mortgage protection plans are superior ..

Our simple, affordable plans provide the protection of both a Death Benefit and Living Benefits. This means they don’t only pay out upon the death of a policyholder but they also put much-needed money in the policyholder’s
hands if they suffer a major illness – like a heart attack, stroke or cancer. No matter what life throws your way, you’ll be able to access much-needed funds.

It’s the smart solution for any homeowner ..

This money can be used to pay the mortgage bill and protect you and your family from slipping into foreclosure. It offers peace of mind when it comes to keeping a roof over your family’s heads.

Protect you mortgage now !

The Insurance Advisor has helped helped thousands of families safeguard their most valuable assets. Let us help you as well.